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Kindergarten Counting

por iFunStuff.com
Kindergarten Counting is a great application to teach your child to count!

The application will display colored shapes that your child must count and pick the correct answer.

Each game consists of 10 sets of shapes and colors.

There will be five random answers that are close to the correct answer to make it harder on your child.

The color are fun and the sounds are fun.

The game also keeps track of how fast your child completed the 10 sets of shapes/colors. This way your child can try to set new time records!

The main menu displays how many times your child has played the game and what their overall percent correct has been. It also displays the current fastest time!

Kindergarten Counting is great game for letting your child start to learn counting.

And they will learn while having fun!

Thanks for checking out Kindergarten Counting and please email us at Count@iFunStuff.com if you have questions.

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