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Wasiq Chaudhry
This "cache 1024" game is really simple, fun, and addictive number puzzle game. Slide the tiles by swiping on them and get to the tile 1024! HOW TO PLAY: Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to move the tiles. Two tiles with...
Candy Fall Deluxe!
Hammersol Games
2.69 €
Twerkalicious AND Delicious! Ad Free Deluxe Version! Help Hannah catch the "candies" in the club to have a good time! Not nutritious, but definitely delicious, use that crazy long tongue to catch them all and don't let...
Candy Fall!
Hammersol Games
Don't let Miley drop a Molly in this Smash Hit that is Twerkalicious AND Delicious! Help Hannah catch the "candies" in the club to have a good time! Not nutritious, but definitely delicious, use that crazy long tongue...
AAA Las Vegas Roulette World - Free Daily Coins & Huge Lotto Casino Jackpots
AJ Lefrandt
**** LAS VEGAS ROULETTE WORLD **** TIME TO WIN THE JACKPOT!! BET BIG - WIN BIG! This awesome Roulette game features everything that you could even want from a mobile casino! Bet, win, party!
AKOYA MeteorVoid
[How to Play] Touch and Drag to avoid the Meteor.
Twisted Helix Interactive LLP
0.89 €
An addictive puzzle game that will keep you entertained for hours! A spin on old classics, rotate the falling boxes to create connections of the same color. A simple concept, but have you got what it takes? Connect...
Tales of Furia: Book One
Realm Masters
1.79 €
• „The controls are simple, intuitive, and (most importantly) very responsive.“ – TapScape • „Overall, Tales of Furia was entertaining and interesting all at once.“ – Alpha Digits • „The Bottom...
Modi vs Rahul Epic Battle
Jose Paul
Hello everyone. Modi Vs Rahul epic battle is a fighting game that you can select your leader and fight for him. In the game You can select one of any leader and start fight with other. Use ' L ' for button to left...
BLOB Run: Edición de Gravedad
Sangwoo Nam
** The adorable Black Blob from the hit game, Blob Run: Black and White Edition is back! ** Play as the cute Black Blob in this addictive gravity running game! Easy to learn, hard to master! Tap to switch gravities!...
Stay In The Line++
EASY to play, HARD to master. Your life will be taken control by this game. Don't let the dot stay outside the line! How to play? Drag your finger to move your player. Stay in the line! Have Fun!
4096 - 2048 Next Challenge
David Appledore
2048 evolved. You played 2048 , the popular number math puzzle, now try the next challenge 4096. Twin numbers, merge and sum together (2+2=4, 4+4=8) , carry on until you reach 4096! *Simple rules but fun, addictive and...
Western 1849
Slynq Interactive, LLC
0.89 €
Draw your weapons, it's time to clear Sunset Bluff of the bloodthirsty vermin. Let your bullets do the talking as you shoot your way through the bandits and keep up your rage. Question is, how many days can you...
Fart, Kaiju, Fart
Nakama B.V.
Fart, Kaiju, Fart! You ate so much, it's impossible to hold it in any longer. Get through the gates without crashing into them. While you're at it, collect as many eggs as you can, which you can exchange for upgrades....
Base Under Attack! - Retro Style Space TD Arcade Game
Steve Lee
*** Free for a very limited time only. Get it now! *** *** 5 stars fresh TD defense strategy game *** * Stunning 8-bit retro-style graphics and soundtrack * Tactics, strategy and fight rush! * VERY addictive Can you...
Desliza La Caja 3D
Aurora Silver Limited
1.79 €
Desliza La Caja 3D es una suerte de juegos de rompecabezas muy conocido y muy apreciado de emparejar fichas! Y ahora puedes disfrutar de ella al máximo en formato 3D! Es un puzle realmente fantástico! Este juego es...
Mini Monster Knockdown: Minion Servants Fall From High Pro
Amy Prizer
2.69 €
Monster Madness Minion Derribo se basa en un tipo de juego de carnaval tradicional que probablemente has jugado antes. El reto es eliminar todos los esbirros apilados uno encima del otro en la formación única. Un...
Edad Viejo Batalla de Monstruo Dragones vs Caballeros Edición Diamante Edición Diamante
Levi Chulick
2.69 €
A friendly dragon accidentally got out from his lair. Problem is, he can't fly too long and he needs your help to teach him how to bounce, instead. In this game, get the dragon to collect as many coins. Gather items or...
Chicken Twins and Predators: Run To Survive
NewGamesBro Limited
** ChickeNizzle y ChickNizzy Brothers necesitan tu ayuda! ** ** Advertencia! Este juego es extremadamente difícil, requiere Ultra Fast Finger Reflex para lograr clasificación! " Los gemelos de pollo de granja...
A Paradise Cove Holiday Adventure Kids Games FULL VERSION
Carol Ventra
2.69 €
** ESTA VERSIÓN NO TIENE EN JUEGO anuncios de banner ** Echa un vistazo a este nuevo juego impresionante! Explora la profundidad del océano y nadar con los peces en el mar durante la percepción de las estrellas de...
amanecer Chaser de los la Criar de Dragón Huevo Asesino Edición Diamante
Levi Chulick
2.69 €
Join the knight as he take on his "knightly" duties by helping him out. With his rainbow cannon, tap on the correct color that matches the color of the flying dragon eggs. While this might sound very very easy, take...