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Adventures in Ice World 2 - Runing and Fishing Penguin
Toccata Technologies Inc.
Ice World Penguin 2 is a fast-paced platform thriller featuring a cute penguin named Gwen sliding on the ice and catch fishes. Your goal is to help Gwen run as farther as she can and catch as many fishes as she can....
Touch Balloon
?? Kang
Balloon want to fly! Easy to learn, difficult to master! [How to play] - Tap Screen to keep the balloon flying - Don't let the balloon fall or hit the walls - Try to reach as far as you can
PixelHomerun - HomeRun Legend
The simplest baseball game ' Pixel Home run ' Dragging the screen and gather power Beat the ball! You can be the best hitter
romper ladrillos
romper ladrillos Este es un clásico juego retro. * Modo de música y vibraciones * Libre música
Bikini Jetpack
Jorge Galicia
A game of action and passion about a girl in a bikini and her loyal jetpack, flying past sleeping cats and sharp spikes in a lava filled castle.
Danger Sum - Survival and Blitz
Dohyoung Kim
Danger Sum is a simple puzzle game. Touch two numbers at side for given the sum to try get the highest score. You can increase your reflex and counting speed. There are two modes. - Survial mode : You must tab correct...
Air Dodge
Ulysse Ramage
Air Dodge is a challenging one-touch game designed for smartphones. Tap screen to jump, and avoid the enemies coming towards you ! Join the Air Dodge community today, and try to get the best score of the leaderboard !...
Pig Trip
Help fluffy Pig in a dangerous trip! Your task in this simple jump&run game is to help Pig to jump through mushrooms which are on the Pig road. Pig Trip game is easy to play but hard to win! Any runner, jump or a...
Un Salto Jacky - Hoverboard Imposible desde el año 2048
Jessika dos Santos
¿Estás listo para el desafío final en el mejor juego de Snowboard con Jackeline? ¿Estás listo para el desafío final? El nuevo Salto de Jacky es ahora en tu iPhone, iPod y iPad! Toque en el dispositivo para hacer...
Irritated bar [Magnetic balls]
Tomoki Arakaki
[Magnetic balls] is a game of frustrating rod system to be able to enjoy free of charge. The ideal for the killing of free time a little because it is game in a format that will follow the stage. Let's aim at all the...
180 A Close Up Quiz PRO
Ingkarat Kunupakarn
2.69 €
TEST YOUR SKILL with the insanely FUN CLOSE UP Quiz game! There are a tons of levels to play. Guess the objects from their close up picture. Let's guess how many can you remember, test how smart you are? Don't worry if...
Crazy Aid
Looking for a new challenge after Flappy Bird? Here is a new addictive game. Warning! This is the hardest game on the App Store! - How to play: Simply tilt your phone right and left to dodge roadblocks and keep a heart...
Zappy June Bugg
Herbert Hall
ZappyJuneBugg is easy, fun, addictive! Escape the NIGHT, control the FLIGHT, embrace the LIGHT! Help the JuneBugg navigate to the safe Prime LIGHTBULB! The JuneBugg is nocturnal, loves the NIGHT/DARK swarm, but is...
Florian Weise
Glide with the Parchuter through the retro environment. With a touch the Parchuter brakes the free fall. Dodge obstacles and collect coins. Compare your high score with friends and the world. - easy touch control -...
Ranko Rodic
1.79 €
1. Collect crystals 2. Avoid red crystals 3. Be fast and precise 4. Find your way Be Arcadian! VIDEO:
Simple Machine, LLC
You've played matching games before, but this one is the simplest (and the cutest) one you've ever played. It's a new adorable matching game - it's a hoot! Swipe the owls so their colors match 3 in a row, column, or...
Flappy Smasher
Smash birds that flap, but don't hit the bombs! How to play: • Smash the birds. • Watch out for bombs. • Touch screen to smash. • Make sure you beat your friend's high score! "Flappy Smash" is neither created...
Munchie Panda
Richard Roberts
Welcome to Munchie Panda! It's your job to help Ying the Panda find as much bamboo as possible. Tap on as many bamboo as you can to feed Ying in this endless arcade game. But, it's not that simple! Ying can be picky,...
Military Space Invader
Outstanding Apps LLC
Killing aliens is extremely good fun. So we made the game military Space Invaders It's a simple game with simple graphics, but it has one of the most vital assets for any computer game — gameplay. You can move the...
Bounce Survival
Zac Kitcher
Free for a LIMITED time to celebrate release!!! Bounce Survival is a tactical game requiring concentration and skill! With an easy 1 finger touch controls, its a perfect game to play on the go. Survive for as long as...