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Tri It
Rakos Entertainment and Design
A triangular puzzle game similar to 2048, Tri It puts a new spin on a popular game by using six different directions to swipe. Tri it out, it's incredibly addictive. How to play -slide in six different directions...
Post Drone Premium - Flying Machine Bird
Daniel Viktorin
1.79 €
NO ADS + NO IN-APP-PURCHASES = PURE GAMEPLAY! Tap to flap your post drone to fly and deliver as many packets as possible to get the best possible score and all trophies. You can only fly through mail tunnels or you hit...
Sky King : Rey del cielo
DartFrog llc
1.79 €
Sky Kings es un juego divertido para niños y adultos. Como Flappy Flying Pero Quieres más acción? Hemos añadido algunos. - Aves Enemy - Plantas Enemy - Los cañones enemigos - Física Objetos Tap fáciles controles...
Aniruddha Thakur
Are you up to defend the cutest dragon in the world? Help Danny the Dragon learn how to fly by creating platforms for him to jump on and protect him by killing the baddies swooping in to! Test your reflexes and save...
The Bridge Language Learning Solutions, Inc.
Swipe by following the direction of the leaves when it's green and opposite the direction when it turns yellow. Featuring three exciting game mode: Arcade, Time and Race! See how many leaves you can turn. Compare your...
Swiss Invasion
Swiss Invasion is a simple 'whack-a-mole' style arcade game. The object is to tap the mice as many times as you can within thirty seconds. Play it over and over. See if you can beat your high score. Say cheese!!
Swing Doge
Laser Pike
Swing Doge. Tap to swing our Doge hero avoiding bones. It's one of the hardest games. Why? Because this bones swing all the time, and Doge can not touch them. Game is totally for free. Game created in Unity 3D engine.
Fly your mine sweeper drone through the mine fields to deactivate the green mines and neutralize the mine field. Hitting red mines will lose shields. Time is against you and you will fail if you can't deactivate the...
Thief Rush
Seasia Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
The real addictive and with the new amazing graphics - Thief Rush, Your friends are already playing the amazing Thief Rush. Don’t you want to beat their score? People were wrong, they said no one can break this...
256 Shades of Greyscale
Burclea Studios
You know what white looks like right? The colour white? This game should be easy for you then, all you have to do is hit white. ----- Overview ----- 256 Shades of Greyscale has 3 game modes and a feature called...
Pursue - Concentration Game
Stephen McMillan
All you have to do is follow the cube! Simple right? The Cube will move to random locations on the screen and then disappear... Your challenge is to tap the cubes last position. Succeed and its onto the next level...
Incredible Basketball: Blast Play, Full Game
Games For Boys Ltd
1.79 €
Want to be the next Michael Jordan? This game is hours of fun & suitable for all ages!
Candy Cupcake Quest - Match 3 Tiles Game For Kids And Adults HD
Fatema Lukmanjee
********** Sweet Match 3 Game With Candy & Cupcakes! ********** Do you love sweets such as candies, cupcakes and other delicious sugary goodies? If you love Match 3 games too, you're in luck. Get the awesome candy &...
Jason Ng
Plates Destroy is a game that tests your hand-eye coordination. Loads of dishes are piled up for you to destroy. How fast can you destroy them? New in Version 2.1 ---------------------------------------------...
Swinging Heli Man 2
Charles Lemon
Swinging Heli Man 2 Watch out for the platform to avoid getting spiked! Watch out for the hammers to avoid getting squashed! Tap right or left to guide the Heli Man down from his ascent. Game is challenging, but very...
erhan baris
Select color and shape for falling object and pass 64 :)
Raccoon Run
Andreu Laguarda
Raccoon Runner is a classic platform game in which you must get as many points as possible without dying in the attempt.
Classic Blackout Blast Casino Bash: The Fast Progressive Video Bingo Journey!
Rocket Games
Classic Blackout Blast Casino Bash es una toma de estilo arcade rápido y frenético en el juego clásico. Carrera a encostradores tantos Bingos como puedas antes de que acabe el tiempo y conseguir altas puntuaciones!...
Maniac Monsters
Matias Ini
Discover the magic world of Maniac Monster, an addicting match 3 puzzle game for free. Reach your perfect match with 2 amazing modes to play the game. Classic & Action! In classic mode you have to capture all the...
Red Bull Air Race The Game
Red Bull
Experimenta la sorprendente velocidad y el vuelo de precisión de Red Bull Air Race, ¡el deporte de motor más rápido del mundo! El juego de Red Bull Air Race te sumergirá en el emocionante mundo de las carreras por...