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A Goomba Wind-up Turbo Smash Run - Don't Tap the Tiny Tile
Nicolas Riveira
Most addictive game in the Universe!!!!! Flappy is DEAD!! Its GOOMBA Time. See how fast and accurate you can make the Goomba GOOOOO!!!! - 3 Different Game Modes - Challenge your friends - Link to Facebook or Twitter
A votar! 5
Xavier Borr�s
0.89 €
Versió per a iPhone5. En Turet se'n va a votar, però el que no sap és que són molts els qui voldran impedir que hi arribi. Ajuda a en Turet a acomplir el seu somni.
Pull! Skeet Shooting Extravaganza
Winter Stories Studio, LLC
0.89 €
Its time to hit the shotgun range in PULL! Here you'll tap your way to greatness by DESTROYING every unfortunate target launched into your path! ----------------------------------------------- Pull! Skeet Shooting...
Face Lift!
Arsen Torosian
0.89 €
Create your face with your hand. Fast And Easy and Now in HD!!! How to Play: 1) Choose which element you want to add to your character. 2) Once you choose the right one press the notepad to go back to the editing mode....
Batir un tirón de la oficina y estúpido jefe - el alivio del estrés asesino juego de carnaval de juegos electrónicos Pro
Nine 54
2.69 €
La mejor manera de relajarse Gráficos increíbles Descargar Ahora Emocionante y fácil de jugar Relajarse y disfrutar de horas de diversión
Angry Flappy Dragon Fruit Fun Cute Game Pro
1.79 €
ALL NEW GAME FROM BUZZAPPO! Take control of a Dragon Fruit and avoid the smelly cheese while collecting tasty fruits. MORE FREE UPDATES TO COME. How To Play: Tap tap or tap hold the left side of the screen to move your...
8-Bit 1942 for iPad
Angry Zombies Jump Zombie Friends LLC
0.89 €
8-Bit 1942 for iPad The classic is finally here! Play the latest arcade hit on your iPhone! 8-Bit 1942! An addictive retro arcade style game where you control a plane and must attack the enemies. Move your ship by...
Alpha Swag Slots: Let It Ride in Royale Casino of Vegas World
Robert Daily
2.69 €
Alpha Swag Slots is a best forever. Expose your fortune in interesting slots. If you are an actual fan of slots in gambling house then this is the right place for you. Here you can get two amazing slots to play and...
Travis Fincaryk
1.79 €
Instantion is a 2D puzzle platformer featuring unique clone gameplay. Control multiple clones simultaneously while solving mind-bending puzzles. Instantion combines dungeon-style puzzle design and trajectory...
Nicolas Pietrowski
0.89 €
Slick geometry game for the iPhone. A modern take of the classic Qix arcade game. Simple, fresh and addictive gameplay! -40 different puzzles from easy to really challenging -5 different types of enemies each with its...
Ulf Vikstrom
0.89 €
Oh no! Someone is shooting cannonballs at your town! Use your head (literally) to stop them, til you (literally) see stars. Three misses and you're out! Higlights: • Dead simple to learn, difficult and fun to master!...
Carnival Ducks Pro
Dan Sinclair
4.49 €
*** OVER 50% OFF FOR LAUNCH WEEK ONLY - GET IT NOW *** Carnival Ducks Pro gives you so much extra from the "get go". From the start it REMOVES ADVERTS, and gives you a bonus 15,000 Tokens to help you on your way to...
256 Ancient Pharaoh’s Slot Machine PRO - The majestic way of the nile river
Ingkarat Kunupakarn
2.69 €
An Insanely fun SLOT MACHINE! A pocket slot in your hand. Have fun with stunning slots theme, just place your bet, spin the wheel, and win the coins! You will enjoy with amazing interactive gameplay, stunning audio and...
Burning Rubber : Ultimate High Speed Racing!
Lock Stock Games
0.89 €
OLD SCHOOL ARCADE RACING ACTION GOES MOBILE! Power your way around seven wild tracks from the roaring Oval race track to the amazing Funland Theme Park! Take down you opponents while you execute the perfect...
2.69 €
三国史诗游戏巅峰之作,众多历史名将相继登场; 各武将技能各异,各兵种战法不同、进攻、防御、掩护、撤退等真实的战争策略都能在游戏中完美展现出来;...
2048 - Twos or Threes type Puzzle
Mychaylo gerus-loukiachtchenko
0.89 €
This is the game all your friends have been talking about! Join the number together to get the 2048 tile to beat the game! Swipe up, down, left, right to move the tiles. When the same numbers touch then they merge into...
Polar Bowler
WildTangent, Inc.
0.89 €
¡Jamás has jugado a los bolos así! PB y J han vuelto con una nueva aventura. Recorre curvas, giros verticales, puntos ciegos y obstáculos increíbles. ¡Y no creas que apuntarás solo a diez bolos! ¡Este no es el...
Clumsy Chicken Jump - Full Version
Amy Prizer
2.69 €
Es divertido tiempos muertos en la granja! Con torpes, pollos locos saltando por todas partes que nunca has visto un corral como este! Clumsy Jump Chicken es un juego simple y adictivo que es divertido para todas las...
180 A Close Up Quiz PRO
Ingkarat Kunupakarn
2.69 €
TEST YOUR SKILL with the insanely FUN CLOSE UP Quiz game! There are a tons of levels to play. Guess the objects from their close up picture. Let's guess how many can you remember, test how smart you are? Don't worry if...
Ranko Rodic
1.79 €
1. Collect crystals 2. Avoid red crystals 3. Be fast and precise 4. Find your way Be Arcadian! VIDEO: