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最炫的音乐节奏游戏《炫舞时代》,献给喜欢音乐的你 -- 网罗欧美、日韩劲爆流行歌曲,每一首曲子都能扣动心弦,让你嗨翻天 --...
Paul Demers
0.89 €
Venture forth into an underwater adventure with ShellSmash. Match shells to collect golden coins and progress to the next level.
Jungle Aliens
0.89 €
Aliens have infiltrated earth and they have to reach their ultimate target by intercepting earths jungles, can you help them reach their goal.... Disclaimer: Some of the artwork in this application are not owned by me...
Cannon Ball Lunch PRO - Pirates’ Skeetball Fun Game
Joseph Bellavia
0.89 €
Cannon Ball Lunch is the fun and addictive game. Even pirates love to have fun every now and again. The pirates’ version of skeetball has the starboard side plank. But hurling the mighty cannon ball is a task in...
Adorable Jornada Pingüino Saga – Misión Cazando Peces
2.69 €
This adorable little penguin is hungry and needs your help. With easy finger action, guide your penguin through the icy, polar caps in search of fish. The more fish you collect, the more points you score. With...
Defend Ukraine
Volodymyr Gorovyi
0.89 €
Defend Ukraine! We are team of enthusiastic Ukrainians and fans of Ukraine. This game is dedicated to the Country and its heroic defenders we all love and respect. Help to defend Ukraine from foreign aggressors with...
ferdinand D.
0.89 €
Rubbing that little thing has never been this much addictive! Arkhe is an arcade game which is all about chasing and being chased. If you are a blue circle, flee the green ones. Chased by 6 enemies? Hit a stripe to...
14.49 €
2014年10月登場の「シンデレラブレイド2」が早くもアプリで登場! パチスロ「シンデレラブレイド2」のシミュレーターアプリです。...
Soccer Champions: Ultimate Cup
Neil McAllen
1.79 €
Diviértete jugando al fútbol desde tu iPod, iPhone & iPad, iPod Touch y iPad. Desbloquear powerups y tratar de lograr la casi imposible "Double S–rank"! DESAROLLA TÚ JUGADOR DESDE ROOKIE A SUPERESTRELLA Administra...
Super Triclops Soccer
Sterling Games Inc.
1.79 €
Get ready to take world cup football to a whole new level with Super Triclops Soccer! Football meets monsters in this exciting new arcade sports game! What is a Triclops? A triangle and a cyclops come together to make...
Ping Pong - Plus
Juan Ramirez
0.89 €
*PHYSICS VERSION!* Ping Pong Plus is a fun, CHALLENGING and addicting ping pong and table tennis game based on 3D PHYSICS! for iPhone and iPad! Full-Featured Table Tennis with HD Graphics, realistic 3D sounds, 3D...
Twisty Hollow
2.69 €
Un autoritario alcalde está poniendo patas arriba la ciudad de Twisty Hollow con sus leyes absurdas. Sus crípticas instrucciones van desde lo culinario (el bacón está mal visto) a lo absurdo (¡¿consejos de moda...
Swoop Ball Pro
Outlandish Apps LLC
0.89 €
Redada, redada! Redada en medio de las cajas. Alterne su grabación de los lados izquierdo y derecho de la pantalla. Cuanto más rápido se toca, más fácil es para .. Dodge y pato alrededor de las cajas!
Tanks of Steel Blitz
Neil McAllen
1.79 €
¡PREPÁRATE PARA LA ACCIÓN! ¡Como uno de los mejores líderes militares de la Tierra, tienes que entrar en acción para salvarnos a todos! Los tanques son rápidos y sencillos de maniobrar, así que no tardarás en...
Dardos escalofriantes - Juego de globos divertido -PRO
Delafield Partners LLC
2.69 €
"**THIS VERSION HAS NO IN GAME BANNER ADS** “Scary Dart Tapping Dash” is a simple yet hugely addictive game in which players must pop the darts coming towards balloons in each level in order to progress to the...
Tilt to Live: Gauntlet's Revenge
One Man Left
2.69 €
It's a Tilt to Live like no other: a collection of brutal tilt obstacle courses! Take control of an unlimited supply of expendable arrow-people, destroying a ton of them on your quest to reach the finish line. Tackle...
Dragon's Dungeon
Alexandr Logvinenko
1.79 €
Dragon's dungeon – for Roguelike's connoisseurs and amateurs of RPG. Collect all your valor and courage, descended into the dragon's cave full of dangers. Fight with the bloodthirsty monsters, explore the dark...
Chess Classic Pro
Ajaysinh Jadeja
0.89 €
What is the world's most popular game played by millions of people in many different countries? It's Chess! People of various nationalities and background play this game at home, in special clubs, in tournaments and...
Buff Knight - RPG Runner
Dohyoung Kim
1.79 €
Play the EPIC retro RPG runner – Buff Knight! Developed by a 1 man studio, this pixel graphic game has stormed the top charts in Korea. Now it’s your turn. Slay the dragon! Save the princess! Buff Knight! ****...
Tap Blok
Jason Shimkoski
0.89 €
Simple. Fun. Addicting. Hello, I'm Tap Blok. I was made to be simple, fun, and addicting. Why? Because I'm awesome and so are you. Tap Blok is an addicting endurance game that will have you tapping like a champ in no...