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Pocket Creature
Qin Chen
0.89 €
Build your creature army to overthrow the King! Total of 28 different creatures! Each of them has different abilities, try to combine them effectively!
Sweet Buddy
Long Trieu
0.89 €
Simple and fun gift for your kids, and it's free. Play this beautiful and addicted game with your kids to enjoy the free time. - Tilt your phone to see how much candy you can catch. - Be aware of special poisonous...
Hello Earth!
Viktor Tyupikin
0.89 €
Defend the planet from the attack of meteorites! Compete with your friends and the world! The game has three different modes, one of which will open for the best of you. Each mode has its own leader board Can you...
Defensor Patriota 2
JemmForce Apps
0.89 €
Su misión, para proteger los satélites de la Tierra de los asteroides, barcos piratas y renegados en este tirador del espacio.
Paw Me
3.59 €
Real-time Multiplayer Game for Cats and Humans. Paw Me is a fun a truly unique game with constantly updating and developing gameplay. Animated backgrounds, natural sounds and intensive dynamic gameplay specially...
Kaan Tosun
0.89 €
## COMBINE, CHOOSE, let it be FINAL !!! ## ·For fans of puzzles and high score hunters. ·Compete with the whole world. ·Never ending if you can master it. Game Concept: Combine the Colors to get a Devil or Angel. ##...
Bunny Dog
Alijon Rahmatov
0.89 €
Bunny Dog is the FIRST arcade mixed with QUIZ game ever. Experience the funniest game, where you tilt and tap the screen to maneuver your Bunny Dog to avoid the thorny logs.
Bubble Bumble
0.89 €
If you like meditative gameplay and doodle graphic, this game is for you! When you open this game, prepare to spend a lot of time with it. You have not to let balls heap cross the red line. Breaking two or more...
Kirill Filippov
0.89 €
Create lines from figures and try to get best score. For you classic gameplay with 10 difficulty levels, sleek design and classical music. PolyBlocks features: - classic gameplay - simple flat design - 10 difficulty...
Farting Felix
Black Sheep Apps Ltd.
1.79 €
¡Farting Felix es un transgresor juego arcade acerca de un pequeño y adorable héroe que se embarca en una gran aventura! ¡Únete a Felix mientras corre, salta y se tira pedos en una búsqueda épica para recoger...
Geometry Galaxy 360° - Rhythmic Galagtic Star Explorer Shooter
Oliver Saylor
1.79 €
Una pequeña nave espacial en la infinitud del espacio rítmico batallas de su camino a través de un número enorme de diversos, coloridos, y extrañas naves espaciales. ¿Cuánto tiempo puede permanecer vivo? Ah, y...
Moritz Schierholz
0.89 €
x.flight is now available on the iPhone! Fly through the gates in order to collect the points. Try and enjoy the fantastic way of controlling the tiny plane: - Tap on the left side of the screen to fly left - Tap on...
Flappy Bricks
Damien Walker
0.89 €
Navigate Flappy bricks through the tunnels and avoid crashing! This kickstarter funded game template is to show you how easy it is to make you own game and release it to the App Store. All artwork is made from a...
Frog Dash
2.69 €
Play the classic pixel Frogger arcade game from the 1980's!! Frog Dash has awesome retro graphics and sound effects. It's fun to play. Relive the good old days of playing on arcade machines with Frog Dash and try to...
Ball Run - Between The Lines And Over The Blocks
Socially Inspire LTD
0.89 €
Think you have steady finger control? This game will challenge you! The rules are easy… pass the ball between the blue lines and over the orange blocks Lets see how far you can go! * ADDICTIVE to play * EASY to...
FCB Pinball
Legendo Entertainment
2.69 €
**********************FC BARCELONA OFFICIAL PRODUCT********************** Prepárate para ponerte en la piel de los jugadores del FC Barcelona con FCB Pinball, un pinball de simulación repleto de acción con un...
Eat and Run
Jianying Jia
0.89 €
Drag to control your player move left and right. Eat as many dots as possible while stay in the neon line. It is simple, but delicate and addicting. Try this. It won't disappoint you. Features: * Colorful neon style *...
Hungry Pixel Runner
Woei Chuan Tey
0.89 €
Hungry Pixel Runner is the new retro matching game! A combination of both matching and runner games where the aim is to match as fast as you can to save your runner from getting eaten by the monster! Amazing colors,...
Gold Slots PRO Vegas Slot Machine Games - Win Big Bonus Jackpots in this Rich Casino of Lucky Fortune
Conner Hogan
0.89 €
=============================== With the "PRO" version of Gold Slots you will experience ad-free gameplay and begin with an additional 1,000 coins!!! =============================== Enter the land of luxury, and feel...
Markus Holmroos
0.89 €
Tiny game to challenge your finger speed and concentration. Endless gaming, endless fun. Easy to learn, easy to play. Just tap the blue circles before they fade out. Connect to Game Center and climb up on the...